Ankur Jain is the co-founder and CEO of Humin, a technology company in San Francisco that developed a contextual contact management system designed to think the way you naturally do. In March of 2016, Humin was acquired by Tinder.

Jain is also the founder and chairman of the Kairos Society, an organization of young entrepreneurs who work together to create billion-dollar solutions to international challenges. Over the years, the Kairos Society has helped launch and grow over 100 innovative technology companies designed to tackle problems in mobile healthcare, education, clean water, and more.

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Ankur Jain has earned recognition for a variety of achievements. In 2010, Jain was selected as one of 80 students worldwide to participate in the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program, an interdisciplinary program based at the NASA Ames campus in Silicon Valley. Singularity University brings together leaders in business, science, and technology to facilitate the development of technologies that address humanity’s greatest challenges. He has also been recognized as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, a Leader del Futuro by the Ambrosetti Forum, and a Young Leader by both the World Foresight Forum and the St. Petersberg International Economic Forum.

In 2011, Inc. magazine named Ankur Jain the “Best Connected 21-Year- Old in the World” and named Jain in its “30 Under 30” profile. In 2012, the Christian Science Monitor named Jain one of its “30 under 30: Solution Broker.” Jain was elected to the Innovation Board for the X-Prize Foundation in 2103. Forbes also listed Jai on their “30 under 30” list for 2105.

Ankur Jain holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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