Can an App Make Introductions Less Awkward?

Mashable reports on Knock Knock. Read the article below:

The idea of an app that reduces social awkwardness may sound strange to many but one startup thinks it has cracked the code with a new app that makes it incredibly easy for people to connect with new acquaintances.

Knock Knock allows users to exchange contact information and links to social networks with people nearby by simply tapping on the screens of their phones.

Created by Humin, the San Francisco startup behind the context-basedcontacts app of the same name, the company hopes the app will make it easier for people to get to know each other and exchange contact information in an easy, low-commitment way.

“It’s not even that people are awkward, it’s that situations are awkward,” says Ankur Jain, Humin’s CEO and cofounder. “You can be the most social, confident person and still end up in an awkward situation where you’ve forgotten someone’s name. Or you want to say hi to someone but you don’t want to interrupt them and if only there was a way to casually say ‘let’s stay in touch.'”

Read the rest of the story at Mashable.

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