First Look at Humin, the App That Wants to Take Over Your Phone

Mashable reports on Ankur’s work with Humin. Read the excerpt below to learn more:

Many of the most popular iOS apps are ones that replace Apple’s stock apps: Calendar, email and messaging clients are all consistently at the top of the charts in iTunes. But there’s one app that comes on every iPhone that doesn’t get much attention from third parties — the actual phone app.

But a new app wants to do for the phone app what WhatsApp did for messaging, or what Mailbox did for email. In short, Humin wants to be your new phone.

Humin combines contacts, dialing and voicemail into one app, and uses contextual information to predict who your most important contacts are, and who you are most likely to want to connect with at any given time.

Read the rest of the article at Mashable.

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