Founders of Humin Release New App That Lets You Share Contact Info by Tapping on Your Phone

Entrepreneur reports on Ankur Jain’s new venture with Humin, Knock Knock:

Have you ever met someone at an industry happy hour, hit it off, talked about things work and non-work, and then had a mini freakout when it came time to exchange contact information? Should you give this individual your work email address? Your business card? Your personal cell number? Your Twitter handle? Should you find each other on Facebook? What if you give your cell number and she gives you her email? Awkward.

That’s the problem a new app called Knock Knock wants to solve. The app, which launches today for free on both Apple and Android devices, allows a user to instantly connect with a nearby user by knocking on his own phone twice. Within the app, users choose what information, from Facebook to Instagram to phone number to email addresses to Snapchat names, they want to share and with whom.

Read the rest of the story at Entrepreneur.

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