Humin Launches Knock Knock, An App For College Kids To Contact Each Other Without Exchanging Numbers

TechCrunch reports on Humin’s new app, Knock Knock. Read more below:

Ankur Jain, the founder of Humin – an app that aims to organize your contacts better than your smartphone – is sitting across from me in a conference room in downtown San Francisco and knocking on his own smartphone.

Two strong thumps to the glass screen and a comic book styled app called Knock Knock opens up and begins to search for other users around us.

Knock Knock is something Jain has been working on as a side project to his main startup Humin. His first app is meant to intrinsically understand the way you use contacts in your phone, whereas Knock Knock is based on connecting with and remembering those you meet at various events.

Jain plans to market this new app as a way for college kids to make connections without the awkwardness around immediately sharing contact info.

Check out the rest of the article at TechCrunch.

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