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Humin: The app that Uses Context to Enable Better Human Connections

The Washington Post reports on Humin:

Imagine getting off a plane in a foreign city. You pull out your phone to make a call. What stares back at you? Aaron Adams, Aaron Austin and Aaron Brown. Maybe you search your address book or scroll through to find a friend you think might be in town.

The guys at Humin imagine a completely different experience with their app. Humin is essentially a re-imagined address book for your smartphone that aims to enrich human connections by presenting relevant information at the perfect time. Open Humin in Houston and you’ll see different information than if you were in Chicago.

“Did you know John was visiting San Francisco? You might want to call him up. These sorts of things are super useful as we change physical and temporal context,” said Humin chief scientist Sinan Aral said.

Read the rest of the story at The Washington Post.

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