Knock Twice for Friendship with this App

Engadget reports on Knock Knock, Ankur Jain’s new project with Humin.

Say you’ve just met someone at a party. It turns out you guys go to the same school, hang out at the same coffee shops and are both really into John Steinbeck. Now it’s time for you to part ways and you want to keep in touch, but it seems a little forward to just ask for the person’s phone number since you barely know each other.

But if both of you have a new app called Knock Knock, you could extend him or her your contact info by just knocking twice on your phone (they would then have to knock twice on their phone to reciprocate). Not only that, but also you can select what kind of contact info you want to share — maybe you’re only comfortable sharing your Twitter and Instagram info and not your phone number (at least at the beginning of your budding relationship, anyway).

Read the rest of the story at Engadget.

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