New App Knock Knock Wants To Make You Less Awkward

Forbes covers Humin’s new development, Knock Knock. Read an excerpt of the story below:

Meeting new people is easy—getting their contact info is hard. Trading phone numbers can be stressful, business cards get lost, Facebook friending can be creepy—LinkedIn a little less so.

Ankur Jain is trying cut the friction out of the contact game. His company Humin (which organizes your mess of social media, calendars and address books into a searchable database) just launched a new app, Knock Knock, to make swapping information less sketchy.

“We get rid of the awkwardness of meeting people,” says Jain, who founded Humin with David Wyler in 2013. “You forget people’s names or someone asks for your phone number, and you don’t want to give it out. Knock Knock makes meeting people so lightweight and low commitment.”

Read the rest of the article on Forbes.

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