The Kairos Society: Turning Dreams Into Businesses

Check out the Forbes coverage of Ankur’s work with the Kairos society below:

“For any entrepreneur, starting a company is a crash course in life.” So says 22-year-old Ankur Jain, founder and chairman of the Kairos Society, an entrepreneurial community making the ride a little smoother for young business people.

Founded in 2008, Kairos claims to bring together the brightest and most promising young entrepreneurs from around the world. Through extensive interviews, prospective Kairos fellows must demonstrate the necessary business acumen to be invited to join. Once in, fellows have the opportunity to attend events organized by local chapters, as well as two annual meetings – the European summit held at The Hague, and the global summit at the New York Stock Exchange. Here, members get to spend a weekend with an all-star-cast of business mentors, roped in by Kairos’ well-connected executive board. More importantly, members gain access to the most supportive network of all – a 1,200-strong group of peers in 22 countries who want to make money and change the world for the better.

Read the rest of the story at Forbes.

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