Thirty Ideas from People under 30: The Entrepreneurs

The Christian Science Monitor reports on Ankur’s leadership of the Kairos Society. Read an excerpt below:

The Monitor interviewed young artisans, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs and faith leaders. And they have trenchant suggestions on how to improve the world. We’ll serve this smorgasbord in bite-size servings of 3 to 7 profiles per day. Today’s lineup of entrepreneurs includes a Mexican rain man, an Indian bike rental exec, and a Japanese web business recruiter.

Forget traditional diplomacy and geo-political gamesmanship. What the world needs more of is business-to-business links across borders and cultures. This will help societies solve problems – from poverty to pollution.

So says Ankur Jain, the 21-year-old founder of the Kairos Society, an organization of young entrepreneurs who work to create solutions to global challenges.

Read the full story at the Christian Science Monitor.

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